Velo-city in Nantes 2015 – presentation of the German Cycling Embassy®

As a or better „my“ first impression from the leading global conference on cycling, the Velo-city 2015 in Nantes, the German National Cyclists’ Association (ADFC) has yesterday presented the concept for a German Cycling Embassy. The aim of the embassy is to strenghten Germany’s role in cycle tourism and its bicycle industry to be better marketed internationally.


ADFC National Director Burkhard Stork in his speach highlighted the many German bicycle and component manufacturers and the superior role that Germany plays when it comes to cycling tourism (more than 12 million overnight stays per year). He also admitted, that when is comes to everyday cycling, others like Amsterdam and Copenhagen are the leaders that German cities need to learn from.

At his side was the German cycling officer from the Federal Minstry of transport Birgitta Worringen and Sabine Kluth, member of ADFCs federal board (see fotos). Especially the presence of Mrs. Worringen is a good political sign, as this means that the federal government is involved and present in the process of building up the embassy. Of course the idea is inspired by the existing models: The Danish and Dutch cycling embassy.

According to ADFCs press release „The German Cycling Embassy wants to offer a platform on which the German cycling nation can present the expertise offered by its companies and institutions internationally. Besides the relevant federal ministries and foreign trade promotion initiatives, manufacturers, street furniture providers, bike sharing enterprises, transport companies, bicycle retailers, associations, leading cycle tourism regions and long-distance cycle routes, tourist organisations, tour operators, research institutes, cities, urban planning offices, and institutions campaigning for sustainable mobility and traffic safety constitute further potential members of the embassy.“

Aim & Challenge

Aiming at the Dutch and the Danish is – as always in cycling – very ambitious and hopefully the initiative is soon filled with live and actions – thus German Cycling Embassy really becomes “the number to call for the German cycling nation” as the press release claims! The first official presentation of the German Cycling Embassy is planned for the Velo-city 2016 in Taipei. See for more information.

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