IFA 2015 – A glance from a bicycle perspecitve

Yesterday we presented the automatic, bluetooth based, bike lock „I Lock It“. Today we have a short look at more bicycle related products from the Berlin-IFA – the global trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances…see fotos and short descriptions below!


  • My personal favourite: Digitsole! A sole that heats your feet according to the temperature you set on your smartphone app -sounds awesome! It is supposed to last for 6 hours when it is cold outside. I will try to get a sample and test it cycling throughout the whole mean Berlin winter – „No excuse“!

Two more first row candidates are related to sound when cycling

  • No.1: Waterproof Boompod-bluetooth speaker Aquapod. The speaker looks really nice and at the fair booth had quite an awesome sound. It is waterproof and with its‘ accessory pack it is mountable on bicycles… so whenever you cycle you can listen to your favourite tunes without loosing track of traffic
  • No. 2: Skull Candy XT free Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones. Cable free headphones are in my view definitely a usefull and more safe product. This one is waterproof and designed for sportive use, to be able to use it in traffic the producers have integrated a slit in the earplug so traffic noise is still easily heard.. i’d like to check it out in real life.. it is explained in this video, from around min. 3:20 on

Plus a smart helmet, action camera and safety add on

  • Livall Bling Helmet – a multi tasking helmet. Now we don’t like the obligatory use of bike helmets for cycclists. Traffic should get safer by speed limitations and better infrastructure so in the end everyone can decide personally what he or she does. But this helmet offers a lot more than supposed safety aspects, check it out: Turn signal, speakers, microfone so you can take phone calls, emergency message in case of an accident. Add ons: cadence sensor, battery pack, phone holder. Find more details and fotos here.
  • A new brand presenting action cameras: Activeon. They have a low price version, the CX, that is cheaper than competetor GoPros Hero but has a colored display. In fall they will present another Full HD Cam the CX Gold – that one will have touch screen and will be remote controllable by a smart phone app, which also enables you to screen live.
  • For safer use of action cams Rollei presented a safety pad to connect the camera to helmets, the pad is suitable for the main action camera brands (GoPro, Rollei, Activeon…). In case of an accident the camera falls off when it his an obstacle instead of increasing danger if serious injuries. This video shows details

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